We Are Church (UK)

Robert Blair Kaiser offers his recommendation:

CHARLES MCMAHON, an emeritus professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and a fellow member of various Catholic reform groups in the U.S., has just published a work called COMMON SENSE II (with a thankful nod to Thomas Paine). 

I am totally impressed with this work. I couldn't stop reading it, and finished the whole thing this morning.  A marvel of compression and very well written, too. It provide a historical context for anyone thinking about the need for reform in the Church. McMahon proves what John XXIII used to say, that "history is a good teacher." Once you read McMahon's short history of the Church, you begin to see that much of what we think (and do) as "good Catholics" has very little valid historical, theological, or scientific basis.

Best of all: It's free. You can download it here and read it on your Kindle or your iPhone or any other reader or just on your computer or laptop.