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We thank John and Catholica for this.

Today's reflection from John Chuchman, on the Day of the double Papal Canonisation, seems to fit with the Gospel of Doubting Thomas. Is our role as Catholics or Christians to teach people to think for themselves or to bind them down with the certitudes of rules and regulations, doctrine and dogma, rites and rituals? When we are called to obedience who, or what, is the obedience to? John titled it "The Bushel Keepers" but I think the new title I've given it better keeps with the mood of the day.

The Bushel Keepers

When they give us their children
before they are old enough
to begin to understand
or think for themselves
we set them up
with our set
of rights and wrongs
leaving them dependent on us
to think for them
keeping them in our control.

will never leave
the safety and security
of our given set of rules and regulations,
doctrines and dogma,
rites and rituals.
We know life is not about answers,
only about Questions
but they will remain in our control
the set of answers we provided them
feels safer than the risk of eternal damnation
and the unknowns that are
True Life.

We know that
Ultimate Truth
exists only WITHIN each person,
but most will never even venture there,
believing as we taught them,
that it is in following our guidelines
that they will earn
eternal reward, albeit only in the next life.

Even those,
that through the Grace of God,
are able to Grow
beyond what we have taught them,
begin to think for themselves,
relying on their own consciences
and Find True Love
will struggle 
exiting the Bushel,
some even denying their destiny of

Love, John

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